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Brian and the team at Brand Aftermarket made buying a domain name a very easy. They were very quick and responsive with questions that I had. Overall it was a very smooth process. I would do business with them again!

Will Crall
CEO FanRev

We found the domain we were looking for on Brand Aftermarket and the process could not have been easier. We purchased the domain on the site and the transfer process was fast. Highly recommended!

Sacha Meakin
Head of Business Operations,

Brian is a business owner you can trust and believe is NOT out to rip you off. We all get promo nonsense from a myriad of companies online selling this or that. Like me, I’m sure many of you ignore them because you don’t know if you can trust the seller. I approached this company the same way, but found some good testimonials and references online so jumped in and bought a few domains from them. Since then, I’ve bought a bunch. The domains are good, the prices are reasonable, and the domains can transfer into your account almost instantly. I definitely recommend them.

Thanks Brian.

Travis J. Jacobs, Esq.

Our experience was excellent. The process was seamless and the responses to our questions were received very quickly. We would be happy to work with them again in the future.

Justin Thouin
President and CEO

It was a pleasure working with Brian. The transfer of our domain name was easy and without any problems. Brian was courteous and responded to our requests quickly. I would definitely use them again and will recommend them in the future.

Adriana Monted’oro

My experience with them was seamless. The process only took a few minutes, and within and hour my site went live. Thank you Brian Berke, I appreciate your professionalism!

Brian Dunshie

Great to deal with. They made the transfer of the domain to us very easy and simple and were there step by step to walk us through the process. Everything delivered as promised.

Danielle Bigda

This is a company that I will do business again with – and soon. Both Brian and Meghan could not have been more fair, courteous and informative. This is a five star (out of five) company in my opinion.

Dick Rensch

We have used Brian and Meghan several times over the years to acquire domains and we have always been pleased with their timely, helpful customer service. They are trustworthy, professional and we would highly recommend them.

Terry Poland
Vice President

Your have always provided us with outstanding service, even to the point of calling our website host and setting up a three-party call so that you could be on the line and assist us through the transition process of registering the domain names. You have given us a high level of professional courtesy, consideration and cooperation and we are confident that we are receiving the best service possible.

Penny McSweeney

I was absolutely 100% pleased. Utilizing there services made for a painless domain purchase and transfer. Really simple- even for the novice. Not to mention the pricing was very competitive. Highly Recommend!!

Jordan Frankel

Our experience was painless and simple, they provided us with a Domain for a reasonable price and the transaction was step by step along with personal advice how to maximize its visibility within our market. I will do business with them anytime and would refer them to others as trusted Domain Name reseller.

Scott Hanson

They were excellent. Simple, clean, fast, and straight-forward — what more could you want? Superior service.

Ray Thibault

They has been great to work with! They provided me a list of possible domains that fit my needs and helped and explained everything through the process as we secured our domain. From the initial call to the completion of the transaction the process was very professional. We will definitely be working with them again!

Alan Laick
Owner, Creative Director